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Cream Teas, 2014

The C&PRR offers patrons the opportunity to partake of an excellent cream tea during the leisurely journey to Thame Junction and back.

Cream teas are available on some standard Sunday services, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Senior Citizen Days.
These are indicated on the calendar by white circles.

We are also offering a Sunday Ploughman's Lunch on certain trains. Click for details.

To book for Cream Teas ring 07979 055366

It is strongly recommended that Cream Teas are booked before arrival as they are very popular and space is limited.

Cream Tea Dates for 2014
June1st, 15th & 29th
July13th & 27th
September7th & 21st
October5th & 19th

Afternoon Cream Teas

The railway offers superb cream teas on many of the afternoon steam hauled services, see the dates above and where circled on the calendar in this timetable.

Steam Railway Magazine reporter George Pembroke wrote:-

"The cream tea is the best on-train catering item offered on normal service trains since this series began, and is highly recommended."

Taking Orders The Table

The cream teas are available for a supplemental fare of £7.00 for an adult and £3.50 for a child. They are served in the train buffet car on afternoon steam hauled services on some standard timetable days, also Mother's Day, Father's Day and Senior Citizens Days.
Check the dates above or white circled dates on the calendar.

You can book ON-LINE NOW by clicking HERE.

It is recommended that Cream Teas are reserved in advance.
Bookings close midnight on the Thursday before the event.

Party bookings for dates other than those shown can be made for groups of 15 by telephoning 07979 055366 at least four weeks before the intended date you wish to travel.

Sunday Ploughman's Lunch

A traditional rural cheddar and ham ploughmans' lunch served with your choice of tea, coffee, soft drink or our local ale (extra charge).
Available on the 1:30PM trains on 6th April, 11th May, 8th June, 6th July, 31st August and 28th September.

You can book ON-LINE NOW by clicking HERE.

As with Cream Teas it is recommended to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.
(A supplemental charge of £9.00 is made for this, not including alcoholic beverages.)
Bookings close midnight on the Thursday before the event.

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